Carnage: Superior Recap

The Superior 100, 50 and 26.2-mile races were this weekend, and it was hot both days. Like 2011 hot, when Christi Nowak was able to sweep up all the carnage in the men’s race and place second overall, only a few minutes behind Steve English.

100 mile

Dusty Olson (Bozeman, Montana via Duluth) was undeterred by the weather and shot off the front to an immediate lead. He would drop at mile 24, citing residual effects of Lyme. By mile 25, a more patient John Horns (Edina), the 2011 winner, took a permanent lead.

Horns at mile 25 Friday. Photo courtesy of RSR

Horns stayed steady as the heat and the course took its toll on runners behind him – early Saturday morning, over 70 of the ~170 100-mile starters were rumored to have dropped – expanding his one-hour lead at Cramer Road (mile ~77) to a two-hour, forty-one minute victory margin at the finish. He also lopped a bunch of time off his 2011 victory, going under 24 hours in 23:21:36 and earning his Hardrock lottery qualifier (his professed top priority).

Equally steady was April Cole (Hammond, Wisconsin), who not only won the women’s race but reeled in victim after victim of the conditions to finish second overall in 26:03:14.

Cole with her first-place trophy. Photo: RSR

Garrett Peltonen (Madison, Wisconsin), winner of the 2013 Zumbro 100 and Dances With Dirt 50 Mile, overcame early-and-often foot problems to finish second in the men’s race in 26:11:37; Courtney Dauwalter (Denver) finished second female in 29:16:09. Only 88 runners ultimately finished. Complete results are here.

50 Mile

The heat didn’t let up Saturday, and as the leaders reached the Oberg aid station (mile ~45), a rumored 50 of 150 starters had dropped.

Kevin Ash (Colorado Springs) put his altitude training to use, winning the 50 in 9:31:55; Eric Nordgren (Duluth) repeated his runner-up finish from a year ago in 9:52:14. In the women’s race, Tracy Hoeg (Naestved, Den) outlasted Laurie Kocanda (Minneapolis) to win 12:03:24 to 12:23:33.

62-minute half marathoner Josh Moen, donning road shoes, made it halfway before dropping. Here’s hoping he takes it seriously next time, because I’d actually like to see what a talent like Moen could do in a harsh 50 like Superior.

Full results are here.

No great pictures of the 50, so here’s one of Dusty wearing a cutoff button-up early in the 100. Photo: RSR

26.2/Moose Mountain Marathon

In probably the most predictable race of the weekend, former Gopher and Mr. Heather Kampf Ben Kampf won the marathon commandingly, missing the course record by 7 minutes in 3:38:14 and earning himself a 26.2 bumper sticker in the process.

As close as the marathon would be all day. Photo: RSR

The race for second was close, meanwhile; Paul Shol (Fergus Falls) edged out – relatively – Jeff Maclellan (St. Paul) 4:18:37 to 4:21:09. In the women’s race, Kris Hansen (Afton) finished over 22 minutes ahead of runner-up Brenda Cid (Carlton) and third-place finisher Lisa Trainor (Maple Grove) in 4:55:50.

Full results are here.


3 thoughts on “Carnage: Superior Recap

  1. Wait a minute…what the hell was that last section all about?!? I thought this was “ultra” mn. The third race you covered appeared to be a marathon. Ha ha. Seriously, though. Great coverage. Best site in the state.

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