The Skinny: week of August 19 (or, the Minnesotans-in-Colorado edition)

Leadville 2013 is now history, meaning summer is mostly in the books. It also means my new claim to fame around here is my defeat of now-reigning LT100 champ Ian Sharman in a beer mile in February…by about 20 minutes. If ultrarunning somehow required simultaneous beer drinking, Patrick Sweeney would be a regular Kilian, and Sharman (along with his pacer at Leadville, Sean Meissner) would probably be hovering around the 40% mark on Ultrasignup.

Quite a few Minnesotans journeyed to the “top of the world” this weekend for the storied race (which, if you listen exclusively to the Born to Run crowd, you might think is not only the far-and-away toughest but also only ultramarathon that exists anywhere…neither are quite true, though it’s a grueling race, so not to take away from that). The results page doesn’t list home states, so I’ll list the ones I know of here – do add any I miss in the comments section:

-Joe Zeigenfuss, who now lives in Golden, CO, but screw it (he wore a TCRC shirt pacing for Troy Howard at Hardrock, after all), was 45th in 22:49:13                                                                                                                     -Bob Gerenz (2012 Zumbro 100 winner) was 62nd in 23:21:31                                                                                 -Tom Caughlan, who I think has some Minnesota roots and serves as iRunFar’s minimalist gear editor, was 103rd in 24:20:20                                                                                                                                                            -Ed Sandor, who I’m just calling Ed now, was 252nd in 27:55:52                                                                              -Sonya Decker, crewed by zenmaster/her husband, Kurt, was 74th female (441st overall) in 29:30:11

Full results are here.

Sandor slacking off in the vicinity of Hope Pass. Photo courtesy of the Leadville Race Series
Sandor slacking off in the vicinity of Hope Pass. Photo courtesy of the Leadville Race Series

Along the lines of summer ending, the Endless Summer trail series did indeed end last Wednesday with the Lebanon 7-miler. Results of all four races are here.

Speaking of Lebanon, there are no more horse flies there. Rejoice, etc.

The Lebanon 7 MI was also part of the USA Track & Field Minnesota Mountain/Ultra/Trail (MUT) series for 2013. Remaining races are:

August 31: River Bottoms 10-mile (Mendota, MN)                                                                                                 September 4: Autumn Trail Series 5.7k, QBP Parking Lot/Hyland Lake Park (Bloomington, MN)                 September: Muscle Milk Woodsy 8.9 Mile, Murphy Hanrehan Park-Reserve, (Savage, MN)

It’s not too late to get in on the series, but you’ll have to be a USATF member first.

This brings us full circle, back to Colorado, where USATF-MN MUT chair Sam Rush ran the Pikes Peak Marathon in Manitou Springs, CO this weekend, finishing in 8:39:38. A whole gaggle of Minnesotans ran both the Marathon (up and down) and the Ascent (just up), including Minneapolis native and Colorado College-educated Alex Nichols, who placed second in the marathon. Full results are here.

Also, there was a 50-miler in Marquette, MI this weekend. Jake Hegge (one half of your famed LaCrosse duo) won, and a truckload of familiar UMTR faces made the journey as well. Results seem hard to come by, even on the race website. But at least there are photos.

Coming up, it’s all Superior, all the time. Get ready for the fall classic, y’all! And don’t ever say “y’all,” either. And while the races are full, they are still looking for volunteers.


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