Black Hills results

50 Mile

Minnesotans took both individual crowns in the 50-mile race. Alison Fraser (Minneapolis) won the women’s race and placed fourth overall in 10:50:36, while Jason Tischer (Blaine) won the race overall in 8:26:39. Fraser narrowly edged the second Minnesotan dude, Tony Pierce (Grand Rapids), who finished fifth overall (fourth male) in 10:56:50.

Other Minnesota finishers included Alex Kretchmer (Minneapolis), Kris Rosenbusch (Stewartville), Adam Iverson (Minneapolis) and Rick Bothwell (Moose Lake). Complete results are here.


Cake-eater and Grand Master John Horns won the 100k, as he did in its inaugural running (2011), when he set the still-standing course record, finishing this year in 11:51:03. Jim Wilson (St. Paul) and Wayne Nelson (Rochester) also finished. Full results can be found this way.

100 Mile

Christi Nowak (St. Paul) was Minnesota’s top finisher in the 100-mile race, coming in fifth overall (second female) in 20:58:56. She chick’d Ethan Richards (also St. Paul) in the process – he finished sixth overall (fourth male) in 21:02:40. Give Ethan some slack, though – he’s got a summer racing schedule that might rival the difficulty of the Grand Slam.

Jeremy Bradford, of Denver, defended his title from last year and broke his own course record, finishing in 19:05:26. He beat the top female finisher  by a mere six and a half minutes – Kaci Lickteig (Omaha) ran the second-fastest time in course history, male or female, in 19:12:01. Horns came within four minutes of Bradford at a late aid station last year before ultimately finishing second by a half hour.

There were several other Minnesotans who finished the 100-mile race. Click right about here to see the full list.


2 thoughts on “Black Hills results

  1. Hey man, those six pack races really take it out of you! Im sure my cramping was the result of residual fatigue from the river bottoms 5k and not the heat. In all seriousness though Christi ran a great race. Sixth fastest time ever and only a couple minutes off the old CR.

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